Monthly Archives: January 2008

Finding Discounts and Deals on Skincare Products

We all know how to find a good sale, right? And one of the worst AND luckiest days in a bargain shoppers life is when the product she uses becomes discontinued (worst) but it’s available at bargain basement prices on the clearance rack (luckiest). Then you can buy a two year supply for next to nothing and worry about finding a replacement later.

Well, as we all know, sales don’t happen nearly often enough. That’s why i was so excited to stumble on this site featuring discount skin care products… it’s actually based on auction products but most of them are not used – they’re brand new but at deeply discounted prices. I guess people bought them and then decided they didn’t want them after all, or perhaps got a good deal on a large lot of the same product. Whatever the case, it’s a good opportunity for us all to save some money.