Discount Makeup That Works Better Than The Competition

In keeping with the overall theme of discount skincare and makeup products, I started thinking about the products I use on a daily basis. And I have tried all sorts of things over the years… from cheap discount store products to expensive department store cosmetics and everything in between. And what I’ve learned is, sometimes the price is related to the quality and sometimes it’s not. The only way to know for sure is to spend the money and try it out yourself or get advice from someone else who has. Ideally, that advice won’t come from your typical cosmetic counter salesperson who is waiting to make a commission off any money you spend with her. Of course not everyone is that way but you do find it often.

For a few years I spent a lot of time and money trying different types of mascara. I wanted fuller lashes to make my eyes really stand out… I have nice eyes but my lashes are pretty thin. When I say I tried everything, what I mean is that every time I needed a new mascara I would try something different. I remember trying A LOT of drugstore brands since they were cheaper and I didn’t always completely use them if they weren’t as good as something else. I also tried more expensive lines such as Lancome and Merle Norman (they had a pretty good one that I used more than once). But you know what I kept coming back to over and over again and what I still use to this day?

I regularly use that little gaudy pink and green product by Maybelline… Great Lash. It’s been around since dirt. And for good reason… it’s a solid product that has performed well over the years and it’s very inexpensive. So now I’ve officially given up trying to buy better lashes. They’re still not exactly what I would have chosen for myself, but with my trusty Great Lash, they’re as good as they can be.