Great Skin Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune

All around us the message is loud and clear: If you just buy this one wonder product, all your skincare problems will disappear.?? And usually these ultra effective treatments will have a hefty price tag attached to them.

While there are so many good products available ranging from just a few dollars to hundreds, it always amazes me that most people perceive the expensive ones to be that much better than their less costly counterparts. So often you do get what you pay for but we all know that isn’t always the case.

For example, isn’t it funny that when you visit a department store, by making a $50 purchase you can get a complete travel size set of really good stuff for free? How much do you suppose those products would sell for if you deducted the huge marketing budget attached to getting those bonuses into your hands?

Although it does take a bit of time and research to find the real gems, it is possible to find alternatives to some of the big brands that have higher prices. For example, a popular and effective cellulite cream can be readily found in your local drugstore. On a recent trip to my local grocery store I saw it sitting there on the top shelf – yes, grocery store!

Recent releases by cosmetic companies with products sold at drug and discount stores include mineral makeup. It wasn’t that long ago that regardless of price, the only way most folks could buy these products was by ordering online or over the phone. They simply weren’t available at the local store.

I’m not saying you should avoid the higher end products altogether. But you should use your experience and judgment to decide when a skincare product is really worth the extra cost or if it’s just being covered with a bunch of fancy window dressing.